About Me

Tuscan Tradition - About me

How it started

My love story with food begins at six years old in the home’s kitchen at the stove next to my sicilian mother and my florentine aunt : a new world was unfolding while trying my very first pasta sauce.


Cooking carreer

During high school in my spare time I worked like an assistant cook and after getting my chef diploma I started my cooking career in several local and foreign restaurants improving my culinary skills.


Tuscan Tradition

Pursuing my true passion for wine and good food I had the opportunity to start collaborating in a real Tuscan farm where I learned how to make a good Chianti from the vineyard to the cellar.

Tuscan Tradition - About me 4


In this Real Tuscany Farm I also carry forward the ancient Tuscan heritage of Norcineria “the art of making ham, sausages and salami”.

I believe that the art of making food begins with the knowledge of the whole produce, foundation of all recipe and I love sharing our tradition cooking for gourmands.

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