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Farm to Table Pork with potatoes
Our Dessert
RIce with Fish
Sheep of Cameroon meats
rice with shrimps and vegetables
Fish and Shrimp Cruditè
Salmon tartare with corn
Farmhouse Swimming Pool table
Fresh fish with clams
Dessert with hot chocolate heart
Red Shrimp Cruditè
Fish Pie
Fillet of meat
Dessert with ice cream
Farmhouse outdoor table with wine
Beef tartare
Desserts with Prato biscuits
Sliced meats by pork on wooden chopping board
Sliced Meats on a chopping board
Massanera Garden
Fillet of Sheep
Meat Ravioli
Fish Tartare
Masssanera Vineyard Sunset
Plates of vegetables and mozzarella
Sheep of Cameroon ribs plate
Wine Cellar
Massanera red wine
Sheep of Cameroon ribs
Cooking Class
Massanera Panorma
Sheep of Cameroon
Meats with vegetables
Cinta senese pork
Handmade Pasta
Sheep of Cameroon meats ball
cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzarella
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